The Experience Overview Screen

How to get to the Experience Overview:

You can get to the Experiences Overview 2 Ways:

  1. Click on the Project Name on the Project Overview.

  2. Click on the “Experiences Menu Item on the Left:

Experience Overview Columns:

The Experiences Overview screen provides a list of the experiences created in your Project. It provides several columns with detailed information about them:

  1. Name.
    1. The experience name and logo representing the type of experience (AB test, Split URL, MVT, or 1 to 1 Experience).
  2. Improvement / Confidence (only on experiments):
    1. Improvement: this column reports the percentage change of the variation compared to the Control;
    2. Confidence: this column reports the significance, or how different the confidence interval for the conversion rate for the experiment variation is when compared to the control/original variation (this must be at least 97% confident before being marked as a winner). The gray/green dots in that column indicate:
      1. 1 green dot for 75%-85% confidence
      2. 2 green dots for 85%-95% confidence
      3. 3 green dots for 95%-96% confidence
      4. 4 green dots for 96%-97% confidence
      5. 5 green dots for 97% and above
  3. Conversion / Visitors (only on experiments):
    1. Conversions: This represent the total conversions for the primary goal, since the experience was started.. The primary goal can be assigned on the goal selection tool.
    2. Visitors: The amount of total bucketed visitors in the experience. This are unique visitors.
  4. Goal. A list of the included goals in the experience. Only on experiments.
  5. Start Time. Time the experience was activated.
  6. Status. This is can vary between, Draft, Active, Scheduled, Finished, Archived.
  7. Actions.
    1. Clone. Make an identical copy of the experience without its data.
    2. Edit. Edit the experience settings.
    3. Archive. This archives the test. This action cannot be undone, and after this the data of the of the experiment is lost.

 *1-1 Experiences do not provide data on the Improvement / Confidence, Conversions, Goals columns.


Filtering your list:

To help you find your experiences on the “Experiences Overview” screen, you are able to filter them by different criteria.

To reach the filtering configuration, just click on the Filters button with the funnel icon on the upper right side.

Filtering by Status

Experiences on the Experiences Overview can be filtered by Status. A common practice here is to deselect the Archived experiments, so they are hidden while working.

Show or Hide Columns

You can select to hide or show certain columns from the table.

  1. Start Time
  2. Goals

Show Hide Experience Types

You can filter your experiments based on the Experience Type.

  1. A/B Experiment
  2. Personalization
  3. Split Url Experiment
  4. Multivariate Experience

Calculate Number by Goal

This allows you to select the goal for which Conversions, Confidence, Improvement will be shown in the Experiences Overview columns. All your project goals will be listed. The default setting is to calculate them based on the primary goal of the experiment.

Filtering Enabled

When having the filtering enabled, it will appear a “Filters Applied” sign beside the Experience Overview Title.

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