How to enable Hotjar heatmaps or polls for a variation or personalization

How to enable Hotjar heatmaps and polls in your experience variation or personalization


To enable Hotjar heat maps or polls on a specific variation or personalization you need to create a Javascript trigger for the heatmap or poll. This type of trigger is alternative to the standard URL Page Targeting on Hotjar

This type of trigger, you will be able to trigger the heat map or poll with a javascript code inside your variation or personalization in your experience.

Here are the instructions on how to create a Hotjar Javascript Trigger: Hotjar Javascript Triggers Documentation

Then after you create your Javascript trigger, go into your variation and add Custom Javascript to the variation you want to enable the heat-map or the poll for.

Then add the following code, replacing "mypoll" with the name of the Javascript that you have added to your

  convert.$( document ).ready(function() {    
       hj('trigger', 'mypoll');
       console.log('Triggering hotjar poll');

Once the variation is shown it will add the interaction to the heatmap or show the poll configured with the Javascript trigger.

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