What about Personalizations?

What is a Personalization?

A personalization in the app is a series of changes on the page or pages geared to a specific defined audience. 

Personalizations vs Experiments

Experiments hold the original and other variations or versions of the page. A personalization does not hold an original. It only holds one version of the page with a defined audience.

Use Case Example

My client sells products across the US Canadian border on his website. However, he wants to use different promotions to this different markets. He wants to push these promotions through banner ads on the main page of his e-commerce site.

I can use Convert Experiences to create these promotions geared to different segments, in this case the USA and Canada, without developers and fast and easy with Convert's Visual Editor.

Create a Personalization

  1. Click on the "Experiences" menu on the left menu.
  2. Click on the "New Experience" on the upper right.

  3. Fill the name field and the URL of the page where you are going to create the personalization.
  4. Select the Personalization option, and click on "Continue to create experience". 

  5. Create the personalization changes with the Visual Editor and save them.
  6. After you finish and you save your finish, click on "Continue" to exit the Visual Editor.
  7. Edit your "Audience", by clicking on the pencil icon of the Audience Card. 

  8. Select your desired audience on Presets or on Advance Audience Editor and save it. 
  9. After activating the personalization, it should appear Active, in the experience list in the "Experiences Overview". You can get there by clicking Experiences on the right menu.

    And that is it. Your personalization was created. 


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