Running experiments simultaneously in a page or set of pages.

You can run simultaneous tests on the same page or set of pages.

For setting this up, first, you have to understand the order in which experiments are executed.

Experiments conditions get tested sequentially on a page taking in account their experiment id. 

So, to achieve this you need to set the experiment with the lowest id number, to only use 50% of the traffic. You can do this in the Settings section of the Experience Overview.

Then in the second experiment, set an audience condition of "Tested Visitors is No". You can find this on the advanced audience, on the "Create Custom Dimension" section.

You can find more about this audience setting on the following article:

If you have more tests running on your site, you can set the second experiment to specifically prevent the tested visitors of the other test to be bucketed on the second, instead of the general collision prevention, mentioned above.

The following article describes how to do that:

The first experiment should bucket only 50% of the traffic of your page and will leave 50% for the other page. 

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