Improve Convert's snippet downloading speeds

Sometimes, after Convert has been used for a long time, the Convert snippet might become bloated and this might have an impact on the page load as it is downloaded, and it is time to do some house cleaning.

Here are our recommendations on how to improve the script load times:

1) Archive all experiments that are not in use. All the experiments on the following statuses are downloaded with the snippet:

a) Active
b) Paused 
c) Completed

Move the unused ones to "Archived" status.

2) Reduce the number of goals being used to the minimum needed. Even if goals are not attached to an experiment will still be downloaded with the snippet.

3) Clean and maintain your variation code in the "Code Editor" area to the minimum. Remove duplicate lines if present. This is a very common issue when using the visual editor. And this can really bloat the snippet.

If you follow the recommendations the script load times will improve, as well as the performance of the pages where the experiments are located.

I hope these recommendations are useful in improving your customer script load time. And hopefully, they will decide not to remove them. 

We serve the snippet of the Akamai CDN servers. This guarantees that the speed at which the snippet is served is very fast. 

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