Using Clearbit with Convert Experiences


Now you can use Clearbit together with Convert Experiences. This will allow you use the provided visitor data by Clearbit to target your experiment or personalizations.

You can target specific segments derived from Clearbit data and find valuable insights about your visitors.

Following are the steps to use the Clearbit data to segment your Convert Experiences and Personalizations.

1) Insert Clearbit snippet before Convert's tracking code.

With this Clearbit data will be available for Convert to segment on.

2) Create an Experiment or Personalization and add a New Audience 

Once you created the experiment. Edit your audience.

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Create a "New Audience".

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 Then you will need to insert the Clearbit code that will define the users that will be targeted on the Experience / Personalization.

For example:

You could target any visitors at companies with 75 or more employees.

The Clearbit code needed would look like the following:

See the Pen Clearbit Integration Example by George Crewe (@gcrewe) on CodePen.

The code would be inserted in the JS Condition as in the following screen:

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After this, you are done and can launch your experiment. 

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