Integrate Convert Experiences with GoSquared

Convert-GoSquared Integration

Integration of GoSquared with Convert Experiences will help you to import Convert data into your GoSquared dashboard. 

For each experiment, the integration uses events to pass along the experiment name and variation name that the visitor is currently bucketed into (if any).

Add Tracking Code Snippets

Make sure the Convert tracking code and the GoSquared Analytics tracking code (tracker.js) are installed on your page. 

Activate Integration in Convert

Go to your Convert experience settings and under Integrations select the GoSquared. Then click Save and Continue. Once this is activated, all your visitor traits will be translated and passed through to the GoSquared CRM and live chats without any mapping or configuration. The same goes for ecommerce events. 

View Convert Data in GoSquared

Using an event in GoSquared, you will be able to view all of your Convert Experiences data as they associate to the values that you pass in the event.

When you log in to your GoSquared account, you should go to "Now" to see a minute by minute timeline of the web traffic or go to "People" to know what experiments/variations your visitors are bucketed into.

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