What is an Experiment?

Differentiate Between Convert Experiments

Experiments come in three types: Split URL, A/B and Multivariate. They all are designed to prove a hypothesis on your (mobile) website or web app.

  • A/B experiment (or A/B/n test) is an experiment that is created with the Convert Experiment visual editor by loading one or multiple pages in the editor and changing the content or behavior. In an A/B experiment you test on original (baseline or control) with variations (contestants). These variations can be an unlimited amount of variations and you could call this an A/B/C/D/E/... experiment. The idea you can test on or multiple changes on one page versus the original page.

  • Split URL experiments are similar to an A/B experiment in the way they are run. One or multiple variations are shown to visitors at random to measure if the original or the variations improve the goal of the experiment. The difference is that a split-url variation is made by the website owner and placed on their site. Convert Experiments just loads this variation using a different URL or URL variable.

  • Multivariate experiments are designed to test specific sections of a page to other sections of a page. For example 3 different logos and three different call-to-action buttons will create 9 variations (nine combinations). Like the A/B experiment you can create these sections inside the visual editor of Convert Experiments

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