Prevent Extra Charges from Exceeding Quota

Understand Extra Charges

By default, most of Convert Experiments plans come up with unlimited testing which means, after the included visitors quota is reached, we will charge buckets of extra visitors as per each billing plan's details. If you don't want us to charge for extra tested visitors you can turn this feature on.

Now it's also possible to opt out for those over quota charges and have your account paused when included tested visitors were all used. The setting can be activated inside your billing section. If you want to continue using Convert Experiments and don't want overcharges or a paused account, we recommend you to upgrade you plan. We do never auto-upgrade your plan.

Note: Even with this setting on, if you test on extremely high traffic sites, it's still possible to get over quota charges. Due to its distributed nature, it takes time to propagate changes through the infrastructure and therefore, projects will be stopped slightly after the quota was reached (up to one hour)

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