Convert Experiences Tracking Cookies Structure

Currently we are using three cookies in order to track visitor experiments. These cookies are the following:

  1. _conv_v - is the visitor centric cookie that has a lifetime of one year from the last update time. It is a string of star(*) separated pieces; each piece is a string that contains key and value strings glued together by colon (:). Here is a list of used keys:

    • vi : - visitor ID string;

    • sc : sessions count; number of session for this visitor;

    • cs : current session start timestamp

    • fs : first session start timestamp

    • pv : number of pageviews for this visitor across all sessions

    • ps : previous session start timestamp

    • exp : json like structure of all experiments presented to this visitor together with the goals triggered for each one of them. Replacing dot (.) with colon (:) , hyphen (-) with comma (,) and quoting all the keys and values it becomes a valid JSON. Something like this could be used to transform it into a valid JSON:

  data = data.replace(/-/g,","); //getting back the comas
  data = data.replace(/\./g,":"); //getting back the column
  data = data.replace(/([a-z0-9]+):/g,'"$1":'); //bringing back quotes

This json has as keys the experiments IDs and values has objects where the key “v” represents the variation ID and the key “g” represents the goals triggered for that experiment;

example cookie value: vi:1374074822644-0.8675333885475993*sc:2*cs:1374079443*fs:1374074823*pv:4*exp:{10001236.{v.10008683-g.{10001841.1}}-10001237.{v.10008687-g.{10001841.1}}}*ps:1374074823

  1. _conv_s - session centric cookie that has a lifetime 20 minutes since the last update(last browsing activity). It is store in the same structure as the one above having the following keys:

    • si - session ID; starts at 1 and increases with each new session

    • pv - number of pageviews in the current session

example cookie value: si:2*pv:1

  1. _conv_r - cookie that holds the referral data for the current visitor. This is overwritten each time visitor comes from a new referrer. Structure same as above using the following keys:

    • s : source name - domain name of the referrer or the provided value through the corresponding utm variable

    • m : referral medium  or the provided value through the corresponding utm variable

    • t : referrer search terms automatically picked from search engines or manually feeded through the corresponding utm variable

example cookie value:*m:organic*t:ab testing

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