How to Import Goals from Google Analytics

Import Goals

One way to get started fast with your Convert Experiments account is to import existing goals from Google Analytics. This import helps you get started but since it's not an integration you do need to check the imported goals before assume they work well. Here a checklist to import and setup Google Analytics goals.

Select the right Google Analytics Goals

Go to your goals overview in the left menu (see image below)

On the right top you find the green icon with "Add Goal" as text, click that and a pop-up with 3 menu's will open. Select the middle category called "Import" (see screenshot below)

You have to give Convert the authorization to look into your Google Analytics account and select the goals. Look at the steps below (images)

Accept the offline access

Select the correct project on the left and select the PageURL goals (event based goals we cannot import at this moment)


To verify if the import was successful please open the imported goal (see below) by editing it.


You see in this example the import went well, but this goal will not work. We are monitoring a full URL, but the import only took part of the URL. We need to change "Matched Exactly" to "Contains".


When you change (see screenshot below) and save this, the goal is ready to be tracked (please make sure the project code is installed)


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