Pushing Conversions to Convert Experiences Using Google Tag Manager

Understand Google Tag Manager

  • Main Experiences tracking code is already added to the page on which Google Tag Manager will be used to fire the conversion. In that situation, first create a JS triggered goal in Convert Experiences and copy the generated trigger code. After that, in google tag manager just create a tag of type HTML and use the goal trigger code as the content of this tag. Fire the tag as needed when the conversion occurs and you are done.



  • Main Convert Experiences is not present on the page on which Google Tag Manager will be used. If it cannot be added directly in the head section of the page, than, just for tracking purpose, you can load it through google tag manager. To do that, create a TAG in Google Tag Manager of type HTML. 

Paste the below code followed by the main Convert Experiences Tracking code inside the tag content

<script type="text/javascript">var _conv_prevent_bodyhide = true;</script>

Do check the Support document.write since that's used to fire the convert code.

The conversion would be fired through another TAG as explained in scenario 1) described above; 

Note (for developers): As an alternative to firing the goal conversion as described above (using the goal firing code which requires the main Convert Experiences tracking code), it could be fired through custom javascript code loaded in a GTM TAG. Inside that code, one would read variations fired from cookies and would use that to create a tracking request (through a pixel or JS script tag).

Note 1: For goal tracking explained above to work, the page on which the goal is fired needs to be on the same domain as the page(s) where the test runs OR cookies need to be forwarded for cross domain tracking.

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