LogMyCalls Call Tracking Integration with A/B Testing

Integrate LogMyCalls

Call tracking can be combined with A/B testing in Convert Experiences. The first step of getting this to work is setting up a new goal called Call Tracking. You can use any type of the existing goal templates but we recommend a Javascript Triggered goal, so that it can triggered using Javascript and external systems like Call Tracking.

Setup Call Tracking Goal

Create a new "Javascript Triggered Goal" in Convert. Give it a descriptive name, like "Phone Call".

Activate the goal for an experiment. 

To get LogMyCalls call tracking integrated with Convert Experiments A/B testing make sure you setup one unique (unused phone number in LogMyCalls). If you have a test with one Original version and one Variation you need to setup two numbers.

Push URL

As we pointed inside article pushing conversions into Convert Experiments, conversions can be triggered by calling a specific URL that contains all the needed info. The structure of such an URL is the following, where each element marked by brackets and bold is explained below:


All the bold elements have to be replaced with actual values as follows:


This can be found in "Project Settings". This field combines the account ID and project ID separated by an underscore.

For example, if project_id is 1111_2222, then 1111 represent the customer_id and 2222 represents the project_id.


customer_id as described in the previous step.


Experiment ID can be found inside the Experiment report, clicking on the "Report Settings" icon.


Each version of your A/B test has a separate Variation ID. It can be found by doing a live preview for each specific variation and picking up the number after the convert_e query parameter inside the preview URL.

For example, if the preview URL is http://staging.convert.com/?convert_action=convert_vpreview&convert_v=1002704493&convert_e=10023753, then the variation ID is 10023753.


Goal ID can be found in "Goals Overview" by clicking on the name of the goal.

Create LogMyCalls Webhooks

The webhooks are a great way to push a call to Convert Experiments. We use the same goal in the experiment but using the above defined push URL we can trigger a goal for either the original or variation.

See below my two numbers in LogMyCalls dashboard:

These numbers now need both an individual webhook to work. Unfortunately you cannot copy an existing webhook inside LogMyCalls but with the screenshots below you can fill the webhook for your number/experiment combination for each number.


Inside the webhook use all the individual variables: C, P, E, G and GA that you found in your goals and experiment. Make sure event call and method is GET for this to work well. 

Done & Start Testing

Now you are done, with the webhooks Convert Experiments and LogMyCalls are integrated. Start the experiment and test the goals by calling each number. You will see the conversion.

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