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"Traffic Distribution", relates to what percentage of your visitor traffic you are going to put through your experiment.  

So, let say that you allocate 40% of traffic to your experiment and you have the original and one variation more. 20% of visitors will be shown the original, 20% will be shown the 1st variation. Statistics and goal conversions will be gathered on this 40%.

The rest of the 60% of visitors will be shown the original without collecting any statistics on them.

To change the traffic distribution value go to your "Experiment Summary", and edit the "Settings" section.

Then a modal will open which show different settings including the traffic allocation. 

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  • Avatar
    Brian Schmitt

    What about being able to set different variations to different amounts of traffic?

  • Avatar
    Josh Frank

    +1 to Brian's comment, how to you divvy up traffic between variations?