How Do I Preview Variations?

Preview Variations

When you want to preview any variation live there two locations where you can get this link:

  • Experiment Summary (Distribution)
  • Experiment Report Summary (hover over a row)
  • Experiment Report Full Report (hover over an image)
In the Preview and test report you will find a link for every variation and in the report you find a preview link to the right of every variation (before the variation pause icon). See the icon below.


Clicking on any of those icons, a new browser window will open loading the page where experiment was setup, having some extra query variables inside the URL that look like below:


?convert_action=convert_vpreview&convert_v=XXXXXX&convert_e=XXXXXX   (the XXXXXX part is particular to every experiment/variation so it always changes)


If you run a multi-page experiment and want to make sure the variations display correctly on pages other than the page where experiment was setup (highly recommended) all you need to do is copy those query variables and append them to any other URL. This will trigger the specific variation to be rendered on that page, allowing user to spot eventual variation errors in a very easy way.

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