Chrome Debugger Extension For Convert Experiences

The Chrome Debugger Extension

The fastest way to debug potential issues that arrive while setting up experiments is by installing and using the Convert Experiences Debugger Extension.

You can download it from the Chrome store at

After it is installed and enabled, you will see a little convert icon in the toolbar (like the screenshot below)

Clicking on it will toggle the debugging on an off. When on, if you load a page that has Convert Experiences tracking code, just open the chrome console and you'll see many debugging messages. To open the console click "Ctrl + Shift + J" or "Cmd +Shift + J".

The console will look like the image below. If you see the blue text in the console, then this will signal that Convert Experiences is installed on that site, and running correctly.  

If you do not see any of this blue text, the tracking script is not installed or not running properly. 


Convert log entries are not showing on my console

You may have the situation that the Convert log entries do not show on the console even when the Convert tracking code and Chrome Convert Debugger is installed correctly.

This may be due to the fact that the Console settings are not on "Verbose" mode.

To enable it, follow the instructions in the following image:

save image

If after enabling "Verbose" mode, won't show the console logs, please contact support.

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