Check if Convert Experiences Is Installed Correctly


To start running A/B tests on your site, you'll need to add a small snippet of code to the <head> tag of your site's code. This snippet contains your unique Project ID, and it allows the experiments you create in Convert to execute on your site. It automatically updates to run any test you create in the Convert Editor. You don’t have to change a thing

Here are some steps you can take to verify if the Convert Experiences code is installed fine on your website.

Project Settings

Go to you Project Settings, add the URL of the page that has the code and hit the verify icon. In the screenshot provided below, the first URL has it installed while the second URL does not have the Convert tracking code installed.

Please note, that in cases where you have installed the tracking script through a Tag Manager this will not work 100% so you have to check the next sections too.

Check Source Code

Check the source-code of your website and search for Convert. Please also not that if you have installed the Convert tracking code through a Tag Manager it will not be visible here and you need to continue with the next section.

Install Convert Chrome Debugger

Install Convert debugger, a Google Chrome extension and under Console find Convert messages and warnings:

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