Filtering Projects and Experiments that you View on the Project Panel

Filtering Projects in the Project Panel

Maybe you cannot find all your projects or you want to speed your work. To do this you might want to filter or unfilter the projects that you view in the project panel. 

To do this, go the Project Panel (1), and click on the dropdown with the text “ACTIVE, OWN PROJECTS AND ACTIVE, SHARE PROJECTS” (2).

 This dropdown has different options of which you can select what you would like to see which are:

  • All the Projects
  • Active, Own Projects
  • Active, Shared Projects
  • Inactive, Own Projects
  • Inactive, Shared Projects

 You can select them alternatively, to provide you with the best view that fits your work at any moment in time.


Filtering Active and Finished Experiments

This feature saves you the time of going into each project and searching manually for the active and finished experiments. It does it automatically by just doing a click.

First go to your Project Panel clicking in Projects (1). Then, just click in the flask icon in the Project Panel (2).

If you want to go back to list all your projects, just click in the sheet icon (3).

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