Create a New Experiment

Create a new experiment

After entering your name and email address for the free trial, you will be redirected to your projects page which will look like this:

2. Click on the “New Experiment” button on the right of the screen to begin creating a new test:

Set up a new A/B test

1.Now you will see this screen. For our purposes, we will do an A/B test, which should be preselected, like below:

For this example, we are going to call the experiment “My First Test.” Then, enter your URL in the second box. 

We are using “” for this example.

Click the “Next” button in the lower right hand corner:

Choose the website URL you would like to test

You will be taken to a page that displays the URL you chose and a black toolbar on the top such as the below example:

Change the appearance of different variations of your website

If you look at the Page Variations section in the top left, you will notice that “Variation 1” is selected by default. This means that any changes we make to this version of the URL will not affect the original URL.

This will result in a classic A/B test, in which the “A” version is the original page and the “B” version is Variation 1.

Let’s edit an element by hovering over it with our mouse, causing an orange outline to appear:

8. If we click on the element, a black menu should pop up beside it like this:

9. Let’s change the background color by clicking on “Change BG Color”:

10. A window will display that gives us many options:

11. Let’s keep it simple for this example by selecting the orange square, which is the third box in the second row:

12. Once you’ve done that, click OK

13. You will notice that the element has changed color like so:

14. Save changes:

15. Click continue:

Activate your experiment so that you can begin to analyze the results

16. Now you’ll be taken to the Experiment Summary page. There are many ways to customize your experiment from this page, but for now let’s focus on the basics:

17. Make sure to install your project code (for help with knowing how to insert your project code, click here (INSERT LINK TO ANOTHER GUIDE POST)), located at the bottom of the screen:

18. Click on it to view the necessary code and insert it into your header:

19. Now click “Activate Experiment”

Congratulations! Your experiment is now activated.

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