Cookies and Cross Domain Testing

Understand Cookies and Cross Domain Testing

In Convert Experiments we organize the tests in projects. A project is an entity that can contain any number of test and which has attached a certain number of sites to it (see screenshot below).


All the sites within one project will share the cookies making it possible to to cross domain testing easy. 

The way cookies are shared between domains is done in two ways that come together to make the tracking more reliable:

  • Through the use of first and third party cookies.
  • By automatically passing cookies between domains that belong to the same project when visitor clicks on links or submits forms. Those cookies get passed to your other domains though GET variables. Two variables are being added to the query string in order to pass cookies :
_conv_v ; 

Some systems do not allow extra query variables. If that is the case, you can deactivate automatic cookie passing inside your Project's Settings:

It’s also possible to manually pass cookies to selected links or forms. All you need to do is pass the _conv_v and _vonv_s variables in the URL of the link or action of the form. Here is an example:

<a href="" onclick="window.location=this.href+'?_conv_v='+escape(convert.getCookie("_conv_v"))+'&_conv_s='+escape(convert.getCookie("_conv_s")); return false;" >
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