Cookie Targeting

Target Cookies

In case you like to use cookies to either trigger a goal or target a specific audience, Convert Experiments offers this in all agency plans. In Advanced Goals andAdvanced Audience you find in menu Visitor Data a field called Visitor Cookie. See screenshot below.


There are three fields you need to use:

  1. First is the Cookie Name: what is the name of the cookie that Convert needs to look for.
  2. Second is the Matching Option : use contains, matches exactly or regular expressions to find the right cookie content.
  3. And third is the Cookie value: this is the "Cookie Names"s value that you are looking for.
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    Henrik Baecklund

    Hey, I've set up a test cookie and put 100% allocation to the variation. But still can't see the variation through the test cookie. How much time does it take until the Convert tool publishes an experiment live?