Integrate ClickTale with Convert Experiences

Integrate ClickTale

Integrating Convert Experiments with ClickTale will let them record visitors sessions as well as generate heatmaps, clickmaps etc for each of your experiment's variation.

Important: not all ClickTale accounts offer the features we present below. To be able to integrate you need a ClickTale account that has Event Tracking and Fields enabled

To enable the ClickTale integration on your Convert Experiments tested website, you need to do the following:

  1. Make sure that the basic ClickTale tracking code is place on your tested pages, after Convert Experiments tracking code;
  2. After setting up the experiment variations go to Experiment Summary by editing the experiment (immediately after setting up the experiment variations you'll be redirected to the Experiment Summary screen as well). In there, inside the Options  area, you will see if the integration is setup or not.

 You can click the edit icon to setup or modify the integration. 


 After experiment is running and ClickTale integration is activated, you will start seeing in your ClickTale account  recordings that have an Event named like"Convert: Experiment Name - Variation name"


You can filter just the recording that have a certain group of events by going to Search and than filter by Events inside your ClickTale account.

Each recording that occurs on a tested page with integration enabled will get the event attached to it as well as a field  containing the experiment ID and variation ID. These are visible on the recording playback page, immediately after starting the play of the session.

It is also possible to filter by events inside of aggregated reports like heatmaps, clickmaps etc. showing the aggregated report just for a specific experiment/variation

We hope you enjoy the new ClickTale integration and appreciate feedback and improvement suggestions. 

Note: when you turn on Data Anonymization the names of variations and experiments will be replaced by their ID's
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