Volusion A/B Testing Software Integration

Integrate Volusion

You like the ability of A/B and multivariate testing on your Volusion with Convert Experiments? 

This is possible, read more below...

Convert Experiments Project Code

In Convert Experiments you need to take the project ID number from Project Settings as you see in the image below. 


Adding the Convert Experiment Code to Volusion Ecommerce

To have an integration between the two platforms please go to DESIGN -> File Editor.


Find the template files for you system, using the shortcut top right in the menu


Paste in that area the code below, make sure you replace the project ID number that you took from the settings page and replace this entire text (including the brackets) <REPLACE THIS WITH PROJECT ID NUMBER>

<!-- Begin Volusion Convert Experiments code -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="//cdn-3.convertexperiments.com/js/REPLACE THIS WITH PROJECT ID NUMBER.js"></script>
<!-- End Volusion Convert Experiments code -->

Below you see an example of where to paste the convert code.


Don't forget to save your changes in Volusion

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