What are Advanced Experiment Options?

Understand Advanced Experiments

In the advanced experiment options you will find on the top right of your experiments report


  • Conversions: the number of conversion by variation and goal in your report

  • Conversion Rate: the percentage of visitors by variation that converted on a specific goal

  • Revenue per visitor: if a revenue tracker is installed and revenue is available this will be available. RPV is a very popular method of ecommerce optimization.

  • Average products per visitor: for some businesses the APV is different from the conversion rate. With Convert’s revenue tracker the ordered items can be connected to variations to get an accurate APV.

  • Graphical confidence: showing the 5 colored circles to indicate confidence of a lift/drop.

  • Numerical confidence: show confidence in a separate row in the graph.


  • Variation thumbnail: you have the option to show and hide variation thumbnails. Hover over them to retake the screenshot or open a full image of the entire page for inclusion in reports.

Running time

  • Min. days: the minimum amount of days the experiment needs to run. By default Convert Experiments takes 7 days as a minimum that you can change.

  • Max. days: the maximum time is optional but can be useful to have an end time in days for a experiment.


  • Primary goal: this is the main objective of the experiment. The winning and losing variations and confidence are measured against this goal.

  • Graph format

    • No graphs: to turn off graphs

    • Stabilized: to get a cummulative view of all the data, filtering our daily peaks and usually one of the best ways to look at the results of an experiment.

    • Day-wize: the daily visualization of each variations’ performance.

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