"Settings" Section on the "Experiment Summary"

The "Settings" section of the "Experiment Summary", has different options not included in the other sections.

The configurable options are:


This setting allows you set the status of the experiment in the following status:

  • Draft
  • Active
  • Scheduled
  • Archived

Running Time

The maximum and minimum time that you would like the experiment to run.

Experiment Visitor Limits

This setting allows you to limit the amount of visitors that you would like to put in your experiment. Helping you to budget the allocated visitors in your plan. 


Keep Winning Variations: This will allow to keep winning variations running after the experiment has finished and a winner has been declared. By default, all variations are stopped when the experiment finishes.

Stop Losing Variations: This setting allows you to automatically shut down the losing variations after the experiment has finished. 

Reporting Confidence Level: Here you can configure the confidence level needed for a variation to be declared a winner. The options are from 95% to 99%. 

Variation Minimums: Here you can set the Minimum Visitors and Maximum Visitors needed to stop an experiment.

You can also integrate different Integrations to your Experiment in this section.


  • Google Analytics
  • Crazy Egg
  • Click Tale
  • Mix Panel
  • Hotjar

If you would like more information regarding this integrations or others, please refer to our Integrations page in our website.



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