Integrate Convert Experiences with WooCommerce

Convert-WooCommerce Integration

Integration of WooCommerce with Convert Experiences will help you to import Convert data into your WooCommerce ecommerce platform. 

For each experiment, the integration can pass along the revenue information from the conversion page.

Add Tracking Code Snippets

Make sure the Convert tracking code and the WooCommerce are installed on your site.

Add Tracking Code to the Order Received Page

You need to be able to put some tracking code on the page users go to after checking out so you can track the orders. You might have noticed that WooCommerce does not have a specific page for this. Rather, it is just the checkout page with a custom endpoint.

So to add something specifically to this page, we will need to hook onto a hook found on just the thank-you page. For this, we will be using the woocommerce_thankyou hook found in the checkout/thankyou.php template.

The completed snippet will look like this:

View Revenue Data in Convert

In order to see the revenue data sent, you must login into your Convert account and go to your Reports. A new column for revenue data will be added.

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