GDPR warnings


You might notice some GDPR-related warnings in the Convert app in several places. 

What is GDPR?

If you need additional information related to GDPR, please read the article GDPR and ePrivacy

Enable/Disable GDPR Warnings

We added a project setting "Show Privacy Warnings" under Project Settings:

This is enabled by default to follow the GDPR Article 25 "Data Protection by design and by default". When enabled you will be able to see the GDPR warning messages. If it is disabled, you will not be able to see them. You can change its value if you edit General Settings:

Segmentation Feature

Segmentation feature is described in detail in the article Create Custom Segments. If Segmentation feature is enabled, this could be interpreted by Privacy Authorities in Europe that data subjects might be identified. Therefore a warning was added to inform users when segmentation is enabled for at least one audience.

You can find below the screens where this warning appears. Enable Segmentation for one of your audiences:

Then you will notice this GDPR warning message in the Audiences page:

In addition, if you add an audience which has Segmentation feature ON to an experiment, you will also see this warning to the Experience Summary page:

Cross Domain Tracking

The cross domain cookie will be by default turned off for all projects in Convert Experiences. Activating this will create a warning of consent from the individual visitor most likely will be needed

Audiences built from Cookies data or JS Conditions

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